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Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients:

Yes, under Hire-Purchase Act, you are entitled to Interest Rebate for early settlement.

According to Hire-Purchase Act, there will not be penalty applied for loan of less than $50,000.

Terms & Conditions apply for our warranty. Please refer to our Terms & Condition for more information.

Thank you for considering Daelim! We are very certain that Daelim bikes will give you the best value for your dollar in terms of reliability and performance in which will ensure problem free riding on the roads and easy maintenance.

You are most welcome to drop by our showroom at Kaki Bukit or any of our outlets to have a closer look and feel.

Our friendly sales staff will be glad to assist you in any questions you may have. For new license holders, we even have a free starter kit exclusively for you when you purchase any Daelim bike. See you at CKA!

CKA Hotline: +65-6748 5455

We have low down payment schemes as well as pre-owned Daelim bikes which are fully restored for your consideration.

In budgeting, do remember that you have to factor ongoing costs such as maintenance. Daelim is easy to maintain and provides good mileage. We are confident that we have a plan to suit most budgets; all you have to do is to come on over and discuss.

CKA’s good reputation goes as far back as 1975 till now. Being an exclusive agent for Daelim since 1995 says a lot about our reliability, expertise and our commitment to the brand. When you purchase any bike from us, you seriously don’t have to worry about anything else. From paperwork to maintenance, there are no last minute surprises or gimmicks.

Of course, the strongest reason has got to be that your bike is in good hands by our well trained, experienced mechanics.

In most cases, it is 1 – 3 working days for us to do the paperwork (for example your insurance) and getting your new bike ready. Please bring along your NRIC and Driving License upon your order for our processing purposes.

We accept cash, nets and credit card. Note that credit card payment may be subjected to a surcharge imposed.

You can pay over the counter at any CKA branch, just state your vehicle number and we’ll be able to check on the spot in our systems. CKA is fully computerized for your convenience. You can also pay via any AXS station, cheque or internet banking.

We strongly recommend all customers to pay on time to avoid late interest charges.

For new bikes, the 1st service would be when your mileage hits 500km. Subsequently will be 1000km, 2000km. You will also be given a CKA service booklet in which the mechanics will record your mileage as well as types of inspection done. They will also indicate the next service due (in terms of mileage)