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Safety Tips

Tips 1: Anticipation

In our constant rush for time, we speed to cut down on travelling time. this in turn cuts down our speed of anticipation. When travelling through junctions at high speeds, we fail to be conscious of what is on our left and right. The same goes for road users coming from these directions. The end result is COLLISION. Don’t rush. Anticipate.


Other than our level of observation and experience, our machines play another major role in our survivability on the roads. On wet roads, tyres play a crucial role and a bald tyre could be disastrous. Speed should be reduced in such conditions and NEVER jam on the brakes.

Ultimately, experience still counts and we cannot deny that. Through experience, we will better home in good and secure riding habits.

Tips 3: Safety Riding

Keypointers: Be alert. Be observant. Be careful. These are some of the qualities we should encourage in order to stay safe and alive on the roads.

The following are more pointers:

Never drive side by side with other vehicles. Either overtake it or let it pass you. Always make yourself noticeable to others. Also do not ride too near behind a big truck or tailgate any vehicles. Get out of this situation and increase your visibility to others by taking up a whole lane.

Give sufficient signal to the vehicles in front and behind when you want to overtake. This includes using your passing light and right-hand signal. Overtake the car in front as short a time as possible. Remember to always look over your shoulder as head checks are essential. Do not only reply on our rear view mirror as you cannot see your blind spot.

Beware of possible road traps that occur when there is an empty space to your right or left lane in front of you. many impulsive drivers, in order to save time, will just slot into the empty space in front of you suddenly without giving any signal.